Stop crying and complaining, and to the people on welfare and who need it, keep your heads up

Stop crying and complaining, and to the people on welfare and who need it, keep your heads up

Grow up! Remember you are still living, and soon we will all be in a better place. And to all the single mothers out there, there is hope and don’t worry about what other people have to say. Keep pushing and work hard and you will be blessed. Never lose faith, and to the unemployed, keep looking and you will find a job. The more you apply the more calls you will receive. melxbby

I am a 20 year old college student and i unfortunately am not going to be able to afford my books this semester. would i qualify for cash assistance? anon1013

Welfare is a system that can be beneficial, but as a grocery store worker, I have seen the system exploited more time and time again. People are using WIC and EBT for their cash purchases while dressed in designer clothes and talking on the latest cell phone.

Granted, there are good people who need a helping hand and deserve one, but if you are able bodied and you have been on the system for an extended period of time, I ask where is your pride?

For those who knowingly lied on their applications, and cheat the system knowingly for their own needs, shame on you for taxing everyone else who needs to work to pay your way. anon986

my parents have both passed. because my Jersey City escort reviews mother was on title 19 the state is taking all that was left of their belongings. mind you she has been gone for thirteen years. good god, how far do they go back before they don’t collect? i never knew you had to pay medical back so basically we all are in trouble if that’s the case, so beware — don’t purchase a house. anon972

Welfare is a good system; it’s just run in a horrible way. I feel that single mothers/fathers who are working to support themselves and baby need the help. Elderly and disabled people need the help. Even two-parent families where both parents work but can’t make ends meat need the help.

But then there are those lazy ones who make it difficult for all the people who could really use this service to even get any help. My husband has an ex and they have a child together. ). We got paperwork in the mail that he needs to fill out and on it they asked for my income! That started to upset me because we moved to TX so that way we could better ourselves (since HI is just too expensive!) and yet she still lives there with her boyfriend, on welfare, and now maybe with an increase in child support due to my income!

She has a total of three kids with three different dads, and I’m like great. So while I get to bust my butt trying to take care of my kids, I have to worry and wonder if now my income will go to help take care of her other rugrats?

We live in TX and she lives in HI and yet our case goes through WA (don’t know why though!

With my step-son it is a different story. I love him dearly and would buy/give him anything, but I’m just annoyed to know that a lazy person can be on the system and still live in one of the most expensive states, while two hardworking individuals had to move just to survive — so not fair! anon954

I’m 23 living in memphis tn. i have been on welfare for a year now. i’m in school full time. i have a four year old son and a husband who is unemployed. it’s really hard taking care of a family on just 142 dollars of cash assistance. i need the money to pay for school though. I’m a medical assistant and i can’t find a job to save my life.

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